Frequently Asked Questions


How can I find my council representative?


Compost Site: What is the location of the Knox County Compost site and when is it open?

Where can I take my recyclables?

Where can I get a drawing of my property boundaries?

Where can I get a copy of a birth certificate or death record?

Where can I get a marriage license?

Where can I get a passport?

Where is the Knox County Fair Board Office?

Where can I find my voting location?

How can I contact the local Democratic party?

How can I contact the local Republican party?

Engineering Department

Where can I get a building permit if my property is in the city?

Where can I find a copy of City Codes .. City Ordinance ..Rules and Regulations .. Zoning ...

Where can I apply for a sign permit within the city?

Where can I get a map of the city?

Fire Department

When I am transported by EMS squad, why do I - or my insurance company - receive a bill?

Income Tax

Common Mistakes When Completing Tax Return

When can I expect my refund?

I owe Mount Vernon city taxes but I am unable to pay my full liability at the time my return is due. Should I still file my return?

I am a college student, living and working outside Mount Vernon, do I need to file a return and pay tax on that income?

My employer withheld Mount Vernon tax, but I live in Fredericktown. How can I get a refund?

Is city withholding based on employee work location or residence?

My spouse and I file separately at the federal/state level. Do I have to file the same for Mount Vernon?

I live in an apartment and do not own real estate in Mount Vernon. Do I still have to file a Mount Vernon tax return?

I am retired. My only income is from social security, company pension, interest and dividends. Am I required to file a City of Mount Vernon tax return?

What is the City of Mount Vernon income tax rate and what type of income is taxable?

Who must file a return?

Parks Department

How can I reserve a city park picnic shelter?

Personnel/Civil Service

How can I check for any City/Civil Service job openings?

Where can I get a job application form?

How do I apply for a job with the City of Mount Vernon?

Police Department

How do I know if I should dial 911 or the police non-emergency number?

Property Problems

How can I report a property with high grass?

Where can I report abandoned, unlicensed or junk vehicles?

Where can I report garbage, trash and debris on a property?

Safety Service

What should I do when removing or planting a tree?


What are City Hall hours of business?

How can I find my U. S. Senate Representative, U. S. Representative, Ohio Senator, Ohio Representative?

Where can I find history about Mount Vernon and Knox County?

Where is the local library?

Where is the office for housing assistance if I live in the city?

How can I find the Visitor’s Bureau of Knox County and Mount Vernon?

Where can I get the phone number and location for the Chamber of Commerce?

Population of Knox County

Who is the property tax assessor and what is the phone number?

Water Department

What if I have a loss of service?

Why does the on-line payment system lock me out?

How do I pay online?

Can I pay monthly on my Water/Wastewater bill?

What do I do if I have a water leak or wastewater back-up after hours on a weekend/holiday?